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Riverfront industrial warehouse development in Stowe receives $1M grant

A $1 million grant in Stowe Township will pave the way for a warehouse to be built along the riverfront and Nichol Avenue.

The SunCap Property project “involves environmental remediation, site preparation, transportation and road upgrades and construction of new buildings for multimodal development,” according to a press release from Sen. Wayne Fontana, who helped secure the grant.

Grant funding came from the Redevelopment Assistance Capital Program.

“Hopefully it’s finished by next year, we’re meeting with the company shortly,” Stowe Commissioner’s President Robin Parilla said.

The site requires environmental remediation, including the removal of underground tanks.

Additional site prep will take place to prepare for building construction along with transportation improvements to the surrounding roads that access the site.

Parilla said the commissioners are supposed to have a meeting with the company. He also said the road traffic was going to intensify with the new project.

“They were talking about building another ramp because the trucking traffic is going to quadruple,” Parilla said.

The company plans to build a warehouse on the site which will be used for product distribution. Suncap has built distribution warehouses in North Carolina, New Jersey, Colorado, Florida and West Chester, Pa. They’ve past partnered with FedEx and Northrop Grumman, according to their website.

“The seed was set years ago and now it’s starting to grow, Parilla said.


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