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Roadway renovations on Crafton Boulevard


By Garret Roberts

Contractors have begun work on Crafton Boulevard as a part of a streetscape renovation plan in Crafton.

Borough residents will see increased activity along the boulevard from 7 a.m. and 6 p.m. as workers launch the three part project. Phase II will take place from Noble Avenue to Baldwick Road, with Phase III extending renovations to McMunn Avenue.

The project is designed to narrow roadways, reduce high speeds, add bump outs for parallel parking, as well as implement improved street lighting, sidewalks and landscaping.

“We did that to allow for enough daylight and try to condense the project schedule, as we are trying to get the most of the work done in this calendar year,” said Crafton Borough Council President Phillip Levasseur, about the extended work day.

Borough officials are currently seeking grant funding to help pay for the project, which should cost $1.317 million to complete. Council passed a resolution to apply for an additional $991,116 in funding for the project during its July 22 meeting.

Project info, as well as any updates to traffic, are available on the Savvy Citizen app.

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