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Robinson notes tax collection ahead of schedule


At the Oct. 3 Board of Commissioners meeting in Robinson Township, coffers were flush with tax revenue and improvements to the area were being finalized.

Commissioner Ron Shiwarski provided the finance report which discussed taxes.

“We’re collecting above the forecast amount,” Shiwarski said.

The budget forecast projected income of $3.6 million in earned income tax by this quarter, but has already collected more than $2.91 million which puts the projected collection rate at 80%.

Local sales tax collection is at $758,000, at 95% of the projected $800,000.

Property tax collection is 102% of projected numbers at $6.352 million.

The news is even rosier for the township in regard to collecting delinquent taxes. So far this year they’ve gathered $116,541, which is more than double the $50,000 forecasted amount.

New construction

Commissioners voted to renovate the Clever Park athletic courts at a reduced bid for $318,195, which excludes fencing from the original plan of $392,195. The company awarded the project is C. H. & D. Enterprises Inc.

Robinson Township engineers have finalized a plan to remediate storm water on Park Manor Drive and will shortly be putting out a bid for the project.


The township is applying for a grant in the amount of $300,000 to restore the stream in Burkett Park.

This will aid in the township’s pollution reduction plan required by storm management regulations, under the Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System. Stormwater picks up unhealthy things like motor oil and road salt on its way over city streets, and then those contaminants are discharged directly into the river. This program aims to limit pollution flowing into waterways from stormwater.

Repaving Park Manor Boulevard and installing a sidewalk along the street is the goal of a $729,122,29 grant request from the Multimodal Transportation Fund Program through the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development.

The board also approved the minimum municipal obligation to the Robinson Police Pension Plan, which is mandated by Pennsylvania law, in the amount of $808,691.

They paid $439, 483.20 to the Non-Uniform Pension Plan of 2023.


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