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Robinson Township officials walk back luxury dog resort criticisms


By Jamie Wiggan

Robinson officials praised Woofles Premier Pet Resort as a “first-class” business during an Oct. 4 meeting, after several residents showed up the previous month to voice concerns about noise issues.

President Sam Abatta and Vice President Ron Shiwarski both spoke in support of Woofles during their reports, which followed a plea from resort owner Beth Gilligan to adjust the record on what she perceived as damaging remarks made the previous month.

“Your business is first class,” Shiwarski said. “If anything was implied otherwise, coming from the board, I know we didn’t intend that...We wish nothing but success for your business.”

Gilligan said she was particularly upset by Zoning Officer Rick Urbano’s suggestion that the facility was “overfull” with dogs that “aren’t being treated fairly.”

Gilligan defended her business and requested an apology from Urbano.

“We offer top-notch safety and well-being services to your dog,” she said. “We do take top-notch care of our pets at the resort.”

Gilligan spoke to Urbano after the meeting, where he apologized for the tone of his remarks and assured her inspections carried out by the township revealed it was “immaculate.”

Since the September meeting, Gilligan said she had taken steps to reduce noise made during early hours, and Urbano noted that residents had acknowledged partial improvement. Urbano maintained sound levels at the resort may still at times exceed the township’s noise ordinance, but indicated he did not plan to cite them at this point.

Gilligan said she felt Urbano’s apology was “fair and just,” adding that she wants to continue to work with neighbors to reach a resolution on the outstanding noise concerns.

“I’m a compassionate and understanding person,” she said.

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