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Self-proclaimed ‘Unofficial Offical Mayor of Crafton’ calls for food and conversation


By Matt Weed

I moved to Crafton in February 2020, the very start of the pandemic. Little did I know then the world was in for a crazy ride that would affect this community and the people in it very soon.

I had joined the local Facebook page for Crafton shortly after moving here. The page had your typical community discussions and then some. When the pandemic hit, I also saw members of the community offering help to those who might be in need. I saw our local businesses trying to help feed kids who might be having food insecurities as a result of shutdowns. I saw neighbors offering to bring food and supplies to other neighbors who they had never met. I saw a lot of good come out of people.

As time went on, our community seems to have had many ups and downs since the shutdowns started taking place. A generalized frustration has set in. The littlest of things start entire arguments and heated debates, from wearing masks to the fiery madness of the elections.

But, even after all of the craziness, members of our community still go on to that Facebook page and try to support one another. Our community has grown stronger, whether they see it or not.

Community is important. As is knowing your neighbors and being involved in community events and happenings, the foundations of a strong community. Our little Borough only has so many resources and funds to foster these kinds of events and celebrations. As restrictions have relaxed, I see a growing need for more such community get-togethers.

My decision was pretty out of the blue. I thought, why not throw something together myself?

Something that can draw people together and in a fun and relaxing way, will help our community get to know one another outside of a Facebook group and will help to promote our local businesses.

To my knowledge, the Crafton Potluck Wine Mixer will be the first of its kind. You bring a dish and socialize, meeting other people from our community and nearby areas who you may have interacted with online over the years, but not in person. I wanted to put on an event that could be fun, relaxing, and stress-free. Food, wine and conversation sound like exactly what people need to get out of their online community-only shells and be a part of the real-life everyday community. I hope it will be a chance for you to put a face to people who you may have only spoken to online.

The Crafton Potluck Wine Mixer will be held on Saturday, March 5 between 6 and 8 p.m. (or later), at D & O Wine Cellars, 70 E. Crafton Ave.

So, here we are. About a month out from the event I only thought of a few weeks ago. I spoke with my friends at D & O and they were more than happy to host us out of the cold.

They will have their wines and a small number of beers for sale, and there will be good people and good food. But more importantly, there will be in-person communication happening, something that is needed in any community to help it grow, and grow stronger. I hope you will join us at this event—and don’t forget to bring a magical dish to share!

This events is not an official Crafton Borough event.

It is the idea of myself (The Official Unofficial Mayor of Crafton) on behalf of the group I started, “Pittsburgh Foodaholics,” a Facebook group whose goal is to highlight and help our community businesses.

The event is co-hosted by Doug and Olesia Johnston owners of D & O Wine Cellars.


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