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Spotlight: New Sto-Rox Coach Dwight Hines talks basketball

Gazette 2.0 sits down with Dwight Hines, the new pick to lead the Sto-Rox Vikings boys basketball team. Hines played for the University of Pittsburgh before becoming a coach at Aliquippa. He said he is excited to have the opportunity to give back to the youth in the Stowe and McKees Rocks communities.

G2.0: At what age did you realize you had a knack for basketball?

Hines: I realized I was a good basketball player at the age of 11. I went to my first Keystone State and received the most valuable player amongst many. It was shocking, but it made me a believer.

G2.0: What is your greatest attribute as a player?

Hines: My greatest attributes to the game I love is knowledge, confidence and energy.

G2.0: Where did you play in high school?

Hines: I played at Aliquippa High School and graduated in 2003.

G2.0: I bet it was great to be able to coach at your alma mater.

Hines: It was amazing. Simply to give back what life has given me to people that grew up in the community I have; those are memories that last a lifetime.

G.20: What’s the most difficult part of your training regimen?

Hines: It’s not for everyone. It takes a strong mindset, determination and a will to win. Those things don’t come overnight, so it’s a day by day process of grinding, retaining information while using your body as a powerful tool. Hard work is constant, and it never stops.

G2.0: What do you enjoy most about coaching basketball?

Hines: I enjoy giving back to young men. Good people in front of me paved the way for my success, and I feel I can pass that along to others that come in close contact with me.

G2.0: What are some of the things that made you interested in becoming a coach at Sto-Rox?

Hines: The kids. The community. I believe Sto-Rox is a place similar to where I come from. I consider Sto-Rox a home away from home. Sto-Rox has the will to win. I desire success. Why not bridge that gap and merge those two together?

G2.0: What are some strong points you stress as a coach?

Hines: Some strong points I stress as a coach are structure, discipline and fundamentals.

Keeping the game simple and playing the game respectfully can take one a long way, not just on the court, but off the court.

G2.0: Tell us about your favorite moment as an athlete at Aliquippa and at Pitt?

Hines: My favorite moment as an athlete at Aliquippa was a state semifinal game my junior year versus Wilkinsburg. Opening tip, first pass I hit a three-pointer in the corner, next possession I get a steal, fast-break dunk, crowd goes wild. Setting the tone on both sides of the ball to rally my team around me only to pursue our dream of playing in the state final in Hershey.

(The best moment in) college was when we played Gannon. they were ranked first in the PSAC. Tie game, four seconds left, they are at the foul line, they make both. We then get the ball out, pass comes to me in the backcourt, one dribble passes half court, I stop and shoot a long-distance three-pointer, as the ball is in the air, the buzzer sounds, then all you hear is swoosh! My team stampeded the floor, jumping all over me. I can’t breathe. As each player slowly gets off the floor, under the pile, I look up and all the coaches all then rush me with excitement. First game-winning shot.

—Sports writer, Ken Hohman



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