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Sto-Rox approves hybrid extension, adds new in-person options

By Jamie Wiggan

-School News-

Having considered moving back toward full in-school programming, school directors instead voted Feb. 25 to maintain the hybrid model following pushback from the teacher’s union.

Reaching a compromise between administration’s push to bring students back into the classroom and teacher concerns for safety, a new plan effective March 1 gives elementary and primary students additional in-person time and allows high school-ers to attend as many days in class as they wish to during the five day week.

Prior to the Feb. 25 vote, the district held a town hall event and special board meeting to gauge sentiment from all segments of the school community.

Most parents who spoke out during the town hall indicated a desire to return.

Superintendent Frank Dalmas and other administrators likewise argued extended virtual learning was hampering student progress, particularly for those who were struggling going into the start March pandemic.

Several teachers pushed back, however, voicing safety concerns and complaining they had been left out of key planning discussions.

A subsequent meeting between the union and administrators led to the latest plan adopted Feb. 25.

Initially favoring a resumption of full in-person scheduling, President Samantha Levitzki-Wright hailed the new changes as a meaningful improvement.

“I am so happy with your building,” she told high school administrators at a Feb. 18 caucus meeting. “That four, possible five-day schedule is going to work wonders for our students.”

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