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Sto-Rox Director Ken Hohman resigns school board


By Elizabeth Perry

The Sto-Rox School Board appointed a replacement for a board member in Region 3 on the same night a Region 2 member resigned.

Ken Hohman gave up his position on the Sto-Rox School Board on Dec. 8 and DaLisha Hoszowski was appointed to replace Shawn Evans in Region 3.

“I didn't feel I could make any more of an impact. I've given the best I can give in my seven years as a board member. I'd like to applaud Principal Heather Johnson, I thank the 22 teachers who are alumni, who are teachers themselves,” Hohman said in an interview after the meeting.

Board President Cameron Culliver had recommended Hohman step down during a Sept. 29 meeting after Hohman was publicly censured a fourth time.

At that time, Hohman declined to step down. The director had been on the board since November 2015. His other censures were in 2015, 2019 and 2021.

“I see that where I was after I got my censure, and they stripped me away from my committees, I felt like a lame duck board member. I felt I couldn't make any impact or change,” Hohman said.

He said he is grateful for all he’d accomplished for and through the school over the years, specifically focusing on his participation with athletics programming, his 90/90 program which gives free lunches to kids who have 90% or better grades and attendance and preserving some of the school’s history.

"I'm so grateful for what I was able to do for the students," Hohman said.

The board lost member Shawn Evans on Nov. 17. Evans, who had been nominated in August, resigned after the death of his son.


His replacement, Hoszowski, is an Ambassador for the McKees Rocks Community Development Corporation, and she’s a former Family Development Specialist according to Dan Rinkus, Sto-Rox communications specialist. She also runs DaLisha’s Treats in McKees Rocks, a company that makes homemade baked goods and confectioneries.

Her appointment brings the non-elected members of the board to three. Lucille Young and Kimberly Spriggs were both nominated to take the place of board members who stepped down, while Adrienne Roberts, Alice Cooper, Tyler Kochirka and Cameron Culliver were elected.

The board plans to swear Hoszowski in on Jan. 5, the same day in which replacements for Hohman’s seat will be interviewed at the district’s 7 p.m. meeting.

Candidates should be a citizen of Pennsylvania, be of “good moral character,” be 18 or older and have been residing in Stowe Township for at least one year, according to the Sto-Rox website. They request such candidates send letters of interest and supporting materials to Board Secretary Susan Gratton at 1105 Valley St., McKees Rocks, PA 15136 or by email at Call (412)771-3213 x5236 to confirm receipt of letter of interest.

All materials must be received by 8 a.m. on Jan. 2, 2023.


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