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Sto-Rox kicks off new year with several new hires

Photo by Elizabeth Perry – Asia Davis poses for a picture after accepting the Vice Principal position at Sto-Rox Jr./Sr. High School.

By Elizabeth Perry

Sto-Rox Jr./Sr. High School has a new assistant principal and several other new hires to begin the 2023-24 school year.

Asia Davis was hired as the assistant principal at the Jr./Sr. high school at a salary of $82,000 on Aug. 17.

Last June, Assistant Principal Raelyn Day was promoted to principal of the high school replacing interim principal Michael Hauser. Assistant Principal Will Cross resigned after a brief stint in the position and Hope Schreiber took his place, meaning that the high school is under new leadership this year.

Davis, who previously worked for Pittsburgh Public Schools, said she was elated to be there. The mother of five said she knew her position as assistant principal would be “work.”

“I’m pulling up my sleeves, and I’m doing it,” Davis said.

Davis started her career as an advocate at the Northside Coalition for Fair Housing. Young said the early experience impressed her.

“As a young person, it shows you care about people,” Young said.

Davis said she comes from a family of advocates.

“We’ve seen a lot of people come, we’ve seen a lot of people go. Hang in there,” Director Alice Cooper said.

“I’m not going anywhere,” Davis said.


Though Davis affirmed she did not want to leave the district, the school board accepted resignations from the following people:

Tina Nagel resigned as coordinator of support services, Carly Bindas resigned as first-grade teacher, Josh McKruitt resigned his position as K-6 STEAM teacher, Alyson Heintz resigned as speech and language therapist, but her last day is yet to be determined.

Dynasty LaPrade resigned as part-time athletic trainer and Makayla Steel resigned as a substitute teacher.

New hires

The board also approved the hiring of a slate of new employees with the school. They are:

  • Anna Raynovich was brought in as the dean of the primary school; she has a master's degree and has taught for seven years. Raynovich began her career in Washington, DC and is an English as a second language specialist.

  • Alonso LaBrie was hired as a part-time paraprofessional, a position Superintendent Megan Van Fossan has often said was very difficult to fill. LaBrie is making $17 an hour. At the same meeting, an offer of employment for Jason Blackman as a paraprofessional was rescinded.

  • Erica Taylor was hired as the coordinator of auxiliary services at a salary of $42,000 annually.

  • Sue Schramm was hired as a temporary speech therapist at a rate of $30 per hour from Aug. 28 through Sept. 15.

  • Joanne Onyshko, who has a master's degree, was hired on as counselor at the primary school.

  • Peggy Pankyo was hired on as a substitute central registrar and guidance office secretary.


  • Aleah Prenni was hired as a 7-12 grade English language arts teacher. Prenni has a master's degree.

  • Rebecca McCartney, grades 4-6 learning support teacher.

  • MaryBeth Fisher, who also has a master's degree, was brought in as a fifth-grade teacher. Fisher said she has 10 years of teaching experience.

  • Olivia Scheller, Trevaun Hairston and Brooke DesLauriers were brought in as substitutes.


  • Lauren Ferragonio, who also was working as a security guard, was hired on as a middle school football assistant.

  • Sheila Freeman was hired on as the high school girls’ volleyball assistant.

  • Allen Langston has been brought in as a 7th and 8th-grade basketball coach.


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