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Sto-Rox plans to phase back into in-person instruction

By Jamie Wiggan


Sto-Rox officials approved a plan to begin reopening the district for in-person instruction during their legislative board meeting Sept. 25.

“We’re prepared for the kids to come back,” said Superintendent Frank Dalmas.

Beginning Oct. 7, the plan calls for gradually phasing in different year groups over a period of weeks until the entire body is reintegrated by November 2.

To help maintain social distancing practices, all students will follow a hybrid schedule, meaning some instruction will continue remotely. The primary and elementary schools will follow a half-day rotating schedule, while high school students will rotate in full days.

Officials assured that bus company ABC Transit is ready to accommodate the complex new schedules.

Remote instruction will remain as an option for those who prefer not to reintegrate. Surveys conducted by all three schools indicate about two-thirds wish to return to the classroom.

Educators said they want to prioritize offline activities during the limited in-person time made available by the hybrid schedule.

“We don’t want to bring students back in-person and then just have them sitting at the computer,” said Michael Amick, curriculum director.

Sto-Rox fills final board vacancy at board meeting

Following a close string of resignations in late June, the Sto-Rox school board appointed Michelina Cersosimo to fill the final vacancy during its Sept. 24 board meeting.

Six directors approved the new appointment, with Directors Cameron Culliver and Lucille Wright abstaining.

Cercosimo interviewed for the position alongside several other candidates during a board meeting in late July.

An English professor at the Community College of Allegheny County, Cersosimo said her background in education, combined with corporate management experience, makes her an ideal candidate.

Since late June, the board has worked to fill three vacancies created by the departures of former directors Grace Weber, Kevin Farley and Patrick Dorrenbacher.

Culliver was appointed to fill the first open seat on July 23.

The board didn’t put forward a nomination for Cersosimo during an Aug. 20 meeting, where it appointed Antonio Bonnetty and Dorian Glenn to fill the remaining vacancies.

However, when Glenn later withdrew his candidacy, the seat offered to him was reopened.


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