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STO-ROX | Recently appointed school director resigns following death of son

Shawn Evans at a recent school board meeting.

By Elizabeth Perry

Sto-Rox School Director Shawn Evans resigned at the board’s Nov. 17 legislative meeting citing the recent death of his son as the reason.

“I just want people to know this is something I did not want to do. I truly apologize. I came in here wanting to do a lot of good and a lot of change on the board. Unfortunately, on Oct. 24, my son passed away,” Evans said.

The room, normally empty except for a small table of teachers, was unusually full that night as a group of grade-school-age children were there with their families to receive academic awards. Everybody was quiet while Evans spoke.

Evans’ son, Gage, was a ninth grader at Sto-Rox Jr/Sr High School and passed away from long-standing medical issues.

His father explained in his parting comments that he was no longer in the district, which contributed to his decision to resign.

He thanked all the teachers and administrators for what they’d done for his son.

“What I want to do is ask the board here today, is walk with selflessness. My son was very, very selfless. He touched a lot of people here in a short amount of time. I’m going to ask the board to continue to follow that plan here,” Evans said.

At the conclusion of his comments, the small crowd applauded. A woman in the audience said, “Your son was awesome.”

The comment inspired another round of applause.

Evans left immediately after tendering his resignation.

Evans was sworn in on Aug. 11, appointed by a judge after the board failed to reach a consensus about adding a new member. The district is now seeking a new director to serve the rest of the term.

Deadline for application is Dec. 5, and those interested must be available to attend the Dec. 9 school board meeting.


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