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Stowe Township names Cropper-Hall new commissioner’s president

Photo by Elizabeth Perry; Pictured: Kelly Cropper-Hall


Kelly Cropper-Hall has been named the new president of the Stowe Township Board of Commissioners during the Jan. 9 organizational meeting.

Cropper-Hall replaces Robin Parilla in the president’s role.

The former Sto-Rox School Director has been a Stowe Township commissioner for eight years.

She supported Parilla in 2021 when some residents called for his ouster from the president position over tax issues.

Commissioner Cheryl McDermott said she hopes Cropper-Hall has an open mind regarding the position. McDermott recused herself from joining any committees during the Jan. 10 meeting.

“I just felt that I would be targeted for what I’d do on any decisions I would make,” McDermott said.

McDermott said she felt increasingly politically isolated in the run-up to this year’s upcoming election. Despite that, she plans to run again.

“I’m just getting ready to move forward,” McDermott said.

Lawsuit averted

Stowe resident Jeffrey Paul accepted a $2,500 settlement from the township. Paul had initially rejected the offer.

In total, Jeffrey and Patty Paul paid $25,485 in sewer repairs for what they say was the township’s mistake. They found their sewer line had been flattened and suspected it had happened when the township repaved Palace Street in front of their home.

Initially, the Pauls had requested the township reimburse them for the full amount, then requested $8,500, which was the cost of replacing the township’s sewer main leading to their home. In July 2021, they paid out of pocket to replace the sewer main, with Public Works Director Dan Burkhardt’s approval. The work was done by the Pauls’ own plumber rather than a municipality crew.

Paul admits he probably could have gotten more from the township, but the situation “wore him down.” Dealing with his own recent health issues and his wife’s made Paul wish to put the matter behind him.

“I was going to have to hire a lawyer and I just couldn’t take the stress,” Paul said.

Paul also worried about sinking more money into the situation without the guarantee of getting anything in return. The cost to retain legal representation was going to be a lot, Paul said.

“It wasn’t worth the aggravation anymore,” Paul said.

Money matters

In other news, the board shelved consideration of cyber insurance at an annual cost of $2,394.80.

Borough Secretary Roberta Farls recommended against the purchase on the advice of the company that maintains their computer systems, The Computer Guys based in Moon Township. Farls said the township already has security measures in place.

“It would be a waste of money,” Farls said.

The borough also tabled consideration of a move to MGI management insurance for risk management and workers comp insurance from A. J. Gallagher.

New television screens have been installed in board chambers by Hollowood Music & Sound at a cost of $33,000. Parilla had said the decision was a bid to increase resident participation in meetings by giving them digital access to the proceedings.

At this point, the meetings are being recorded but not broadcast anywhere. Farls said the board would have that matter under discussion at a later, unspecified date.


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