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Successful launch to pool season allows more facilities to open


By Garret Roberts

As the warm days of summer come to Crafton, the borough’s pool has seen a successful start to the season.

After the initial wave of pool pass registrations, the borough is now $10,000 ahead in their annual budget this season. The increase is compared to their 2019 summer season, as the pool remained closed during the 2020 season due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We’re selling a lot of pool passes,” said Doug Sample, interim borough manager. “I’ve been in contact with our manager down there, things are going very well.”

Sample made no mention of lifeguard staffing issues affecting Crafton, as they have in many neighboring pools, in some cases leading to reduced operating hours.

In addition to the successful start, the borough has approved pool staff request to reopen the showers in the bath house. This would keep pace with other local pools, which are also opening bathhouses to their pool’s members.

The pool will also begin serving hot foods, such as hotdogs and nachos. Fried foods are still not being served at this time.

The council announced during its last meeting that renovations would be put on hold for this season, as the borough has applied for a state grant that would fund improvements to the pool area. The $700,000 project would add improvements to the bathhouse and install bleachers, among other improvements to the facilities.

“We appreciate everyone’s excitement about the pool,” said Council President Phillip Levasseur.

“There will be more information about future improvements to that facility and hope that everyone has a wonderful and safe summer down there.”

As the season continues, restrictions and safety precautions will continue to be lifted in accordance with local and state COVID-19 protocols.

In other Crafton news:

• The Crafton Borough Council will now be holding meetings in a hybrid format, allowing residents to attend either in person or via Zoom. As they begin this process, the council notes there may be some technical difficulties with equipment. The model should be fully functional by the fall season.

• Crafton Mini-Golf will now be open to the public on Fridays and Saturdays each week through the summer season. The course is open from 7 to 9 p.m. and will follow all CDC and state COVID-19 guidelines. The cost for entry is $2 per person.

• The borough is continuing to accept letters of interest for three residents to serve on the Steering Committee for the Parks and Recreation Master Site Plan Project. The new committee will help plan future events for the park and improvements to passive recreation in the borough for the next 20 years. Citizens of Crafton interested in joining the committee should submit letters to by July 16.


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