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Tax collector’s property cited


By Garret Roberts

Commissioners in Robinson indicated Feb. 7 that they have talked to Tax Collector Mike Pendell about maintaining land he owns on McCormick Road and ensuring the property meets local safety codes.

The parcel of land has been brought to the board’s attention during multiple meetings by John Richnavsky, a resident of Waterford Drive.

Starting in December, he has called upon the commissioners to take action against Pendell to secure the property.

“You've seen this,” said Richnavsky, pointing to photographs he held of the property. “This building is built on an abandoned coal mine. Any coffers that you may have in reserve for the township may dwindle pretty fast if a kid goes in there and falls into that mine.”

In response, commissioners said Pendell has issued a letter acknowledging the issues and his intent to secure the property.

If he does not comply, the board will take further action to ensure the property is made safe, which may include demolition of the property.

Robinson’s building codes identify dilapidated structures as a “public nuisance” whose owners can be fined up to $1,000 for failing to restore them or tear them down.


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