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Taxpayers deserve to know why McDermott dropped


Dear Editor,

Robin Parrilla is quoted in the Gazette 2.0’s Jan. 27 edition saying the reason he took Cheryl McDermott off the public works committee is because of mistakes.

So at the Feb. 8 township meeting, I said to Robin, as a taxpayer I have a right to know

what were the mistakes that Cheryl McDermott made that caused you to take her off public works. He looked at me and told me “you don’t want to know,” and I said, “because you don’t have anything.”

He kept up and I kept saying “you don’t have anything.”

Then he told me it’s none of my business.

I think as taxpayers we have the right to know. People of Stowe please start going to the meetings, this is the president of our township, who owes years of school taxes, but that’s OK?

Patty Butter Paul,

Stowe Township

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