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The 'Christmas Star' is a reminder of hope after a dark year

By David Ficarri

-Diversions with Dave-

There’s no easy way to sugar coat what kind of year 2020 has been and just these words alone aren’t going to make anyone’s life easier.

That being said, there is still something magical about this time of year.

From the time when I was little through working many years of retail to where I am today, I’ve developed a much deeper appreciation of all the great ties that bind us together as a community.

Even if your celebrations don’t come with any particular religious significance, I hope you’re still able to appreciate the beauty and magic that happens this time of year. Now, this year is going to put a unique strain on how we celebrate, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy a lot of the same traditions as years past.

In fact, it’s those intimate moments that we spend with the most important people in our lives that we remember and cherish the most.

The baking of cookies, the hiding of presents, the singing of our favorite Christmas songs or the watching and rewatching of our favorite Christmas movies, those are all the little moments that add up to form our special relationships.

I love seeing the poinsettia plants in all their glory, the adorable outfits on the little kids and the festive sparkling of lights on the neighbors houses.

All of those things bring me some comfort and joy of all the great moments.

I’ve gotten to experience in my life. In the rather strangest of twists too, this year we get to experience the “Christmas Star”. It’s the closest that Jupiter and Saturn have come together in roughly 800 years.

In a year filled with so much uncertainty and turmoil, it’s a peaceful reminder that as long as lights are shining, there is hope.

So, please keep all those memories of years past in your hearts, but also create new memories with those that mean the most to you.

Keep all the presents that make up who we are as people: the love, joy, kindness, peace and faith.

Keep the traditions of having dinner and celebrations with your friends and family even if you have to modify it for this year. Don’t let those things die, they’re what nourishes our soul.

Most importantly, keep your lights shining for others to see.

As a candle loses nothing by lighting other candles, reach out to those amazing people in your life and show them how much you care.

Then, tell them to pass their candle on to others. The “Christmas Star” is shining for a reason and that reason is to light our way forward, embrace the moment and let your light mirror it.



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