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Truth can never be buried forever, it will come out

By David Ficarri

-Diversions with Dave-

There’s a scene in the movie “Con Air” where Nicholas Cage’s character tells John Cusack’s character, “Sorry boss, but there's only two men I trust. One of them's me. The other's not you.”

Nowadays, it seems rather easy to resort to that line of thinking, doesn’t it? All of the pillars of trust, our government, churches, media, etc., we used to rely upon have seemingly abandoned us at a time where trust should be at a premium. The instant answers provided by internet searches should actually help our cause to find the truth but even those entrusted to be independent “fact checkers” often have to retract or modify their own positions. Who is guarding the guardians indeed.

On the plus side, with the invention of the internet, we’re able to seek our own truth in this world rather than having to rely on the old methods of the past. However, it’s when the instant access of today merges with the profound philosophy of the past is where I feel most enlightened.

One such example happened as I read a discussion about the “need” for the Coronavirus vaccine.

I’ll let you decide your own course of action on that subject, but one of the comments that struck me was a reference to a painting by Jean-Léon Gérôme titled “The Truth Coming Out of Her Well.” There was an accompanying interpretation of that painting that gave an interesting view of how the World often sees the Lie and the Truth. To briefly summarize it, Truth and Lie meet one day and Lie convinces Truth to take a bath in the well. Just as they’re enjoying the water, the Lie suddenly emerges from the water, puts on the clothes of the Truth and runs away.

Truth furiously emerges naked from the well and runs everywhere to find her clothes.

The World, seeing the naked Truth, turns away in disgust. The Truth then returns to the well in shame as the Lie, dressed as the Truth, travels the World. Being deceived, the World has no desire to see the naked Truth.

As I delve more and more into historical events and current events, the image of the Truth chasing the Lie replays constantly in my mind. It often seems that those who are least truthful have played the role of the Lie far too well.

In contrast, those who seek or speak the Truth are a perfect personification of the chaser.

However, what history has proven time and again is that the Lie can never fully sustain itself and eventually the Truth emerges from the well, ready to take its rightful place in the World.

Luckily, with the expediency that the Internet allows, that timeframe has rapidly shrunk.

However, as life has shown us repeatedly, if we’re not careful, the Lie is always one step ahead of the Truth.

Be careful who or what you believe because right in the middle of the word believe hides the lie.


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