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Union president says morale at new all-time low

Updated: Oct 1, 2021


The president of the teacher’s union told Sto-Rox officials educator morale is at an “all-time low” in a statement given during the district’s Sept. 23 board meeting.

“I’m starting my 29th year at this district, and in those 29 years, this has been the hardest, most stressful, most uncomfortable start of the year,” Carrie Palermo said. “...Over the past two years, the leadership has made it clear that there’s no more working together.”

Palermo, a high school math teacher, said teachers, administrators and board members each must shoulder some blame, and called for all to begin the process of reconciliation.

“We need to work together, she said. “In order to do this we need to form a coalition and everyone needs to buy into it.”

After delivering her short statement, Palermo distributed two letters penned by teachers expressing grievances with district leadership.

One letter concludes by stating the author is “choosing my mental health, sanity and stability over money,” by resigning from the district.

The other laments a general lack of support felt by teachers, coupled with a shift of focus away from student’s best interests instigated by district leadership.

“We have continuously felt ignored and dismissed,” the letter states.

School officials did not immediately respond to Palermo’s statement.

In a written statement shared with Gazette 2.0 after the meeting, Superintendent Frank Dalmas said, “All factual concerns brought to administration by SREA have always been promptly address by administration and will continue to be addressed.”

Board President Samantha Levitzki-Wright declined to comment when reached later.

The teacher’s union has been working without a contract since June.

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