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Vote early and often and then join us for tasting in ‘The Cheesiest Pizza Contest’


By Sonja Reis

Everyone has a favorite pizza joint. And here in the West, we are lucky to have a lot of different types and styles to choose from.

A quick poll in the office has us arguing about our personal favorites, which include Juliano’s in Robinson, The Pizzeria and Anthony Juniors in Coraopolis, Angelia’s in Kennedy, Slice in Carnegie, Sarafino’s in Crafton and perineal Stowe and Rocks favorites Mama Lena’s II and Doughboys, too! We’re sure there are plenty more area favorites that we’ve never tried, so now it’s your turn to introduce us and our readers to something new.

Speaking of new, what about Caliente’s? The Pittsburgh-based chain recently opened a location in the Fairywood neighborhood of Pittsburgh near the Crafton/Thornburg line and we’ve yet to sample their cheesy, crusty goodness.

What’s your favorite?

In conjunction with YaJagoff! Media, we’ll be hosting a series of online surveys focusing on your overall favorites and then who you think has the best sauces, crusts and toppings.

The polls launch today and will stay open until our culminating in-person tasting contest at the Mall at Robinson on May 21.

To vote online, use our handy dandy QR code located on the front cover or go to and click on “The Cheesiest Pizza Contest” flyer.

Online voting dates:

Best Sauce, April 7 - 20

Best Crust, April 21 - May 4

Best Toppings, May 5 - May 18

In-person taste testing:

Vote for Best Overall, 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Saturday, May 21 at the Mall at Robinson

Please join us in all forms of voting and especially on May 21 at the Mall of Robinson’s Rotunda to sample pizza, chat with the folks at YaJagoff! and Gazette 2.0, spin the prize wheel and vote for your favorite area pizza.


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