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We don’t need another gas station in McKees Rocks

McKees Rocks Council,

After reading the Oct. 29 Gazette issue regarding the GetGo gas station at the former Pat Catan’s site (Chartiers Avenue) I was very disturbed regarding this decision to build near many homes and a busy intersection.

How many gas stations are needed in McKees Rocks? There is a GetGo gas station less than a five-minute drive from this site. I wonder how many council members and their families live in this neighborhood?

Perhaps the better choice would have been a new grocery market chain in the area that could provide more convenient access to food including healthy fresh fruit and produce for the elderly or anyone without transportation access.

Although I do not live in McKees Rocks, it appears the politicians did not listen to the people per the article. Perhaps the residents of McKees Rocks should remember this when they vote!

— Bill Stauffer, Stowe resident



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