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Weinstein continues in interim role as search for manager continues

By Jamie Wiggan


The search to replace former Kennedy manager Gerry Orsini continues more than 12 months after his resignation in August 2019.

Interim Manager Mel Weinstein said the township has been unable to find a “good fit” in the four applicants so far considered, however he said talks underway with a prospective candidate look more hopeful.

Weinstein, who has been involved in Kennedy politics since 1973, was immediately appointed Orsini’s successor when the latter resigned last summer amid accusations of township misconduct.

A replacement for Orsini was announced one week after his departure, but was quickly rescinded when the candidate was apprehended by the Washington County Police Department on charges of drunk driving and a history of alcohol-related issues was uncovered.

While the search continues, Weinstein said he is adequately managing the workload, which he undertakes in addition to his roles as elected tax collector and appointed treasurer.

“In the meantime we’re doing what we can,” Weinstein said.

“Everything is accounted for, all 26 employees are getting paid.”

Weinstein’s current stint as interim manager is not his first time filling a managerial vacancy.

During the late 1990s, he stepped in temporarily when the manager of the time (as it happens Orsini, during a separate tenure) resigned the position.

Weinstein said he also took on the role of building inspector around that time.

“I carried a load back then,” he said. “…I never committed unless I knew I could do it.”

Asked whether he harbors any retirement plans, Weinstein, 81, said he has no fixed intentions.

“It’s a possibility… you never know what life will bring you.”

For Weinstein, his 47 years in township affairs represent a labor of love.

“I have a tremendous, tremendous, love and devotion for this community."


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