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Whether your candidate won or not, show some class

Updated: Nov 30, 2020


By Editorial Board

Well, the elections have been over for almost four weeks now. The election results have been announced, with the media calling former Vice President Joe Biden as the president elect. This comes as a sigh of relief for those who supported him and wanted President Donald Trump out of office. Although voter fraud lawsuits still remain in key states, it’s not looking promising for the Trump team.

For those on the other side of the aisle, many are finding it difficult to accept that their party has not won the presidential seat.

The main argument, of course, is that cheating has run rampant in this year's election and therefore the position was stolen. But unless verifiable proof comes out to prove that point, it’s all still hearsay at this point. Still, many are unwilling to accept it and that is unlikely to change.

Frustration over your candidate losing is understandable. And there is a point to be made that this isn’t necessarily over. But what happens next year if Biden is inaugurated? Is the right still going to be holding onto that anger like the left did for the past four years? That would be unfortunate if that ends up being the case.

We need to move on and take the results for what they are. Continue to question, yes, as is our right — but be classy about it.

This unwillingness exists on both sides, although both will claim the other are the true “snowflakes.” This is sad, if we’re being honest. Our elections have become a joke, a laughing stock to the world. And to top if off, half of the population is unwilling to accept the results. Then mainstream media adds oil to fire, furthering the division by taking sides and trashing those who don’t agree.

For those that might be livid about being told to “move on,” that’s not to say you should give up.

Moving on does not mean giving up. It means you accept the results whatever they may be and keep advocating for what you think is right.

And when the next election rolls around, you turn up en masse to elect someone new who aligns with your views.

We can do better. Don’t lower yourself down to the level of a toddler who’s being told no because they didn’t get their way. Agree or disagree, now’s the time where we need to gracefully back down and live to fight another day.



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