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ASSAULT CRIME: Former commissioner’s son charged with strangulation


By Jamie Wiggan

A man whose previous patterns of alleged abuse became the focus of a disruptive Stowe commissioners meeting last summer now faces charges of strangulation, assault and harassment.

A Sharpsburg police report based on witness statements claims Chester Glowacki III, formerly of Stowe, punched and kicked his girlfriend before attempting to strangle her with a telephone cord. The victim came forward Feb. 7 following three days of beatings, according to the report, and has since been granted a temporary protection from abuse order.

Glowacki’s behavior was the center of a Stowe public meeting July 13, 2021, after a resident recounted what he claimed was a similar instance of domestic abuse that took place in public view several weeks prior.

The witness said he called the police and was told charges could not be pressed unless the victim came forward. He accused Glowacki of receiving preferential treatment from Stowe authorities on account of his father, Chester Glowacki II, who was a commissioner until his term ended in December 2021.

President Robin Parrilla, a relative of the Glowackis, responded with indignation at the accusation and at one point threatened to have the witness thrown in jail by police.

Following the charges brought against Glowacki III on Feb. 7, Sharpsburg Police have since charged him with an additional count of witness intimidation after the victim claimed he tried to prevent her from testifying in his preliminary court case, however, the charge was withdrawn.

Stowe police also brought abuse charges against Glowacki III in November 2021, but the case was dropped when the victim failed to testify. The same victim has been identified in all three instances.

State prosecutors upheld charges against Glowacki III during a preliminary hearing Feb. 16 and he will be formally arraigned April 19.

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