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Black Forge Coffee to switch focus to McKees Rocks shop

Photo by Elizabeth Perry

Barista  Ashley Taylor mixes up a beverage at the McKees Rocks location of Black Forge Coffee.


Black Forge Coffee’s original location in the Allentown neighborhood of Pittsburgh is set to close its doors on June 30.

This location of the coffee shop reduced its hours and announced the closure on Facebook on May 23.

Black Forge Coffee will now be focusing on its McKees Rocks location. “Going forward we will be consolidating our efforts into our McKees Rocks location and we have some killer things lined up for you there in the upcoming months,” the shop announced.

Opening in August of 2015, Black Forge Coffee is a heavy metal women-owned business based around the Pittsburgh area. The McKees Rocks location is home to its Mill City roaster, where customers can not only purchase coffee but also enjoy watching the process of coffee roasting.

Black Forge Coffee is also host to events such as open mic comedy, karaoke and live music performances. More information can be found at

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