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Civil suit filed against True Diamonds in Stowe


By Elizabeth Perry

A civil suit has been filed against True Diamonds adult entertainment club by the estate of murder victim Madison Gilroy.

The 22-year-old woman was shot Dec. 5, 2020 walking through the parking of the Island Avenue establishment. Security guards at the club exchanged fire with Jerrell Maquis Ingram, 34, and Madison was killed in the crossfire. Madison had been a patron of the club. Ingram pled guilty to third-degree murder in May and was sentenced to 10-25 years in prison.

The lawsuit contends since a security guard employed by the club actually shot Madison during the exchange, causing her death, club owners are at fault. Attorney Jeff Monzo, who is representing Gilroy’s estate, said the evidence in their case is following the investigation conducted by Allegheny County.

“I was contacted by an attorney who was not yet employed by True Diamond, I agreed to an additional 30 days to allow them to respond to the complaint,” Monzo said.

Marlane Gilroy, the executrix of Madison’s estate, brought the suit and is requesting a jury trial. A family member said Madison Gilroy’s survivors did not wish to comment about the civil suit.

True Diamonds has had legal issues before.

As reported previously in Gazette 2.0, Pennsylvania State Police executed a search warrant in March 2021, seizing 4.5 gallons of beer, 48 liters of liquor and wine and $1,025 in cash from the business. A month later, the owner and a security employee were charged for being complicit with illegal alcohol sales.

In April 2021, a man was shot and critically wounded outside the club.


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