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Clever Park Pool remains ‘residents only’ for 2022

Photo courtesy Robinson Township


By Garret Roberts

While temperatures around Western Pennsylvania continue to jump from hot to cold daily, Robinson Township is preparing for the summer season by making plans to open its community pool.

Hoping to give the community a fun way to connect this summer, commissioners announced the Clever Park Pool is currently planning to open on Memorial Day weekend.

The pool will be under new management this year, as USA Pools of PA was approved for the management role in April’s meeting. One of the first tasks new management has started is the hiring of seasonal staff. More interviews are scheduled to take place with hires to be announced before the opening of the pool later this month. In addition to the new seasonal staff, township officials are also discussing the addition of swimming lessons at the pool this season.

“We are working with the new aquatics director for residents' swimming lessons,” said Frank Piccolino, township manager. “We'll try to get information out if they can do that. [The director] said that they could, we’re just working out the logistics.”

Many of the COVID-19-related restrictions are not planned for the pool this summer, but similar to the previous season, there will still be some restrictions on who can use the pool and the events held there.

“We are going to go with residents only for this year,” said Piccolino. “This is something we might look at on a yearly basis. That went over very well last year, with a lot of positive feedback from our residents. Plus, with the new pool management firm, we want to be cautiously optimistic.”

As a part of this restriction to township residents, families will also be unable to schedule pool parties during the summer of 2022.

Season passes for the Clever Park Pool will be sold on Saturday, May 14, from noon to 3 p.m. at the pool and require proof of residency for purchase. An additional sale date will take place on Saturday, May 21, from noon to 3 p.m. at the pool as well.

If purchased during the preseason, residents will be able to receive the passes at a 12% discount. Digital applications for the pool passes are currently available on the township’s website.

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