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Cornell partners with RMU on mindfulness and cloud sharing


By Carrie Moniot

Superintendent Aaron Thomas announced a collaboration with Robert Morris University on a cloud computing program during the Cornell School Board’s meeting on June 17.

Instead of managing and storing data on a local server or personal computer, cloud computing uses a network of remote servers on the internet.

“When you have a higher institution in your backyard, you should have these partnerships,” Thomas said.

According to Thomas, Cornell High School teachers will work with RMU staff members to create teaching modules those teachers will later use in their classrooms. Meetings to set the partnership in motion will begin in August.

The goal is to get Cornell teachers certified in cloud computing by the end of the fall semester.

“Cloud computing, that’s one of those gaining career fields that you have to expose the kids to because you might spark an interest,” Thomas said.

Beginning in August, Cornell will also work with Robert Morris University on mindfulness training.

“It’s all about how we’re approaching kids,” Superintendent Thomas said.

“Sometimes kids are having a hard time for a variety of different reasons and it’s trying to teach them some techniques of being mindful of what they’re experiencing and how they’re displaying that anger or anxiety or trauma.”

Cornell has a few teachers already interested in the training. The district will start by working with them first.

“Have them do some things personally and then say, okay, we have some kids on our radar. Let’s start working with them on this and hopefully, we can help,” according to Thomas.

In other news:

• Cornell’s new Health and Safety plan will be posted on its website in July. The district is waiting for recommendations from the Center for Disease Control before determining its mask policy for students 12 and under.

• The second reading of the district's social media plan will take place at its August meeting. No meeting will be held in July.

• While the district awaits new revenues from the upcoming budget year, the board approved a proposal from First National Bank for a tax and revenue anticipation note to tide over its programming. The note is valued at $1.5 million, with an interest rate of 1.49%.

•The board also approved a $300,000 line of credit from First National Bank for possible capital expenditure during the upcoming school year. The credit line was approved by a vote of 5-0 with one abstention by Treasurer Stephanie Mazzocco.

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