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Financial forecast allows capital improvement projects to continue


By Garret Roberts

Entering the new year on a positive note, the Robinson Board of Commissioners shared the township’s financial forecast with promises of no new local taxes for the year at a Jan. 10 meeting.

Citing a $1.5 million budgetary surplus for the township as it enters 2022, the board is looking forward to continuing capital improvement projects, starting with a roof for the municipal building.

“We're going to be looking at a roof on this building and trying to install it in stages so that we stay within our budget,” said Commissioner James Barefoot. “We see our income is good enough to move in those stages, but we don't want to move too fast.”

Discussions on continuing these types of improvements began last year as the new police station building neared completion. Plans to update other public service buildings around the area, including the Robinson Emergency Medical Services facility, the Robinson Library and parks around the community are now being considered.

While these future projects carry a high cost, commissioners assured residents the surplus for 2022 will fully cover these capital expenses and the yearly audit for 2022 will still provide positive signs for the community.

“I can't tell you how good it feels that we're not looking to cut projects or reduce staff wages, we’re looking to grow,” said Vice Chairman Ronald Shiwarski.

In addition to the surplus funds forecasting quick progress on upcoming projects, the township has also made agreements to renew contracts with public works for the foreseeable future.

“Bottom line, it paints a picture that I think most residents would gladly hear: Our services will continue at the levels that they expect without any new taxes in the foreseeable future,” said Commissioner’s President Sam Abatta.

In other news:

• Robinson police officers are preparing to move into the new facility on Church Hill Road, with final technology installation and minor painting required around the facility.

• Shiwarski addressed the board on the problems facing Aiken Road after various complaints from Robinson Township residents that the roadway was unsafe. Other members confirmed that funds for the project have been approved by PennDOT and they would work on receiving an official update on the plans after the meeting.

• Residents who spot fallen military banners around the community are asked to return them to the Robinson Municipal Building and leave a note as to where it was found. High winds and storms in recent weeks have caused the banners to frequently fall.


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