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Joint Crafton-Ingram zoning redesign enters RFP phase


By Abbey Sullivan

A joint zoning redesign effort for the neighboring boroughs of Crafton and Ingram has taken another step toward completion.

The boroughs are currently accepting proposals for the ongoing zoning project, which will update local zoning to hopefully increase business activity in the area. The existing zoning regulations currently date back to 1997.

Deadline for filing the Request for Proposal process is March 15. From there, a joint meeting between both Ingram and Crafton will be held March 22 to discuss choosing a firm.

Both boroughs will then decide which planning firms to interview to continue the project. The current expected cost for the zoning update is $100,000.

Both Crafton and Ingram will together match the $50,000 Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development grant they received, with each municipality paying $25,000.

The expected timeframe for the zoning redesign project is 12 months.

Crafton council members also gave updates on a variety of topics during the Feb. 25 meeting, including:

Commission openings

Crafton council members continue efforts to fill various vacant borough commission positions. The official applications are now posted on the borough’s website, which are due by March 21.

Councilman John Oliviero stressed the importance of all commission positions to the borough’s continued success.

“This is where a lot of the work gets done, so it’s a really important process,” he said.

“It is a great way for the community to be involved not just in their local government, but what’s going on right outside their house.”

Summer jobs

Crafton council announced they will soon post job openings for help with upkeep of the Borough during the spring and summer months. Crafton routinely hires up to eight seasonal employees for public works.

Sample discussed the upcoming announcement in his address to council on Feb. 24 as well as anticipated wage increases for public works positions and local lifeguard jobs.

“We want to get kids that are in college to see the applications,” Sample said. “And, parallel to this, I met with the pool manager to update the lifeguard rates to mirror the public works rates.”

Borough newsletter

A Crafton newsletter is expected to be distributed to residents within the next few weeks, according to councilman Justin Marks.

Mayor Coletta Perry said plans to include a survey within the newsletter to gauge resident interest in the publication, as well as to take feedback about the newsletter’s future contents.

“We want to know the effectiveness [of the newsletter] and what kind of information the community wants to have,” Perry said.

Roadwork concerns

Interim Manager Douglas Sample addressed borough roadwork concerns previously cited by citizens during the Feb. 10 council meeting. Both Steuben Street and Baldwick Road were areas of concern for residents.

Sample said he is in contact with PennDOT about Steuben Street improvements per its status as a state route. Meanwhile, repairs to Baldwick Road are scheduled to begin in early March.

Drainage project

Council passed a motion to award the current Duncan Avenue drainage project to Soli Construction.

This project will improve the drainage area between Duncan Avenue and Steuben Street.

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