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Kennedy police imposter threatens local neighbor


Kennedy resident Brandon Buerkle has been charged with impersonating a police officer while threatening to steal from a neighbor outside his home.

According to a criminal complaint filed by Kennedy Police on Jan. 5, a resident of Orchard Circle was driving home in the early hours of Dec. 25 when he noticed another motorist attempting to flag him down. He pulled into a neighbor’s driveway, with the other vehicle still following, according to the statement.

The unknown man announced himself as a police officer before ordering the witness to lay on the ground and place his hands behind his head, according to the complaint. He reportedly told the witness he was a newly-hired officer who had left his badge at home. He then ordered the witness to hand over his car keys because the car “would make a good gift” for his 16-year-old son.

The report does not state how the witness responded to the demands but describes video footage of the witness struggling to get inside his home while the suspect is heard making threats to steal from him.

No theft-related charges were filed in connection with the incident, however, two weeks previously, Buerkle was charged separately on multiple counts of burglary, and then with motor vehicle theft during a third incident on Jan. 11. Hearings have been scheduled for all three cases.


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