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Kennedy police offer drive-home service for holiday merrymakers

Kennedy police would rather drive residents home than charge them for driving under the influence or find them at a collision scene on the night of major holidays.

The police department put out a statement before Thanksgiving requesting residents call for a ride should they find themselves unable to drive home after going out to celebrate. Kennedy officials say they offer this service on all major holidays, including Christmas Eve and New Years Eve, and have done so for more than 30 years.

“It’s a good gesture, it's a good PR thing,” said Manager and Treasurer Mel Weinstein.

“The people appreciate it.”

Weinstein said when the policy was first put forward they were concerned a high volume of people might try to take advantage of the program, but over the years they’ve found it's usually limited to just a handful.

“There’s not a lot of it, but we’re always there to help,” Weinstein said.

Chief Anthony Bruni was out of the office on vacation when attempts were made to reach him for this story.


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