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Liquor license renewal bill will help restaurant, bar owners

By State Rep. Anita Kulik

-Harrisburg Update-

The State House of Representatives has not been in session in Harrisburg these past few weeks, but members have kept busy. Just last week both the house democrats and republicans addressed issues faced by restaurant and bar owners.

I am joining my colleagues to introduce a package of nine different bills designed to help restaurants and bars who have suffered losses due to the pandemic.

As part of this package, I am introducing a bill to allow liquor license holders with licenses in safekeeping relief from paying the license renewal or validation fee for a period of one year.

As a member of the Liquor Control Committee, and as someone who has spoken to countless restaurant and bar owners, I am aware of the issues facing license holders. This bill will give some relief to those who put their license in safekeeping, while they, for example, perform renovation work.

Another bill will require business insurance policies to pay damages and benefits when a disaster emergency is declared. Other bills in the package would ensure the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act grant funding provided to the state by the federal government goes to small community restaurants instead of chains, expand access to outdoor dining access and waive liquor license renewal fees for business loss caused by the pandemic.

Also this week, Gov. Tom Wolf signed 14 bills into law. Among those are several reported on in past articles.

Of note are SB 927 which amends Title 75. The bill allows the Department of Transportation to issue a veteran driver’s license designation.

The department will independently validate the documentation and immediately issue the veteran a driver’s license or ID card displaying a veteran designation without going through the Department of Military and Veterans Affairs, after receiving appropriate documentation from the veteran.

Also, HB 943 is known as the Consumer Prescription Drug Pricing and Freedom Disclosure Act It will allow pharmacists the right to provide a covered individual with information concerning the cost of a prescription drug, including the individual’s cost-share.

We in the house continue to work on the issues facing our constituents. For help or information on any state-related issue, call us at (412) 264-4260.



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