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Live discussion: ‘Media on the Media’

Gazette 2.0 Editor and Publisher Sonja Reis will join other regional journalists for a podcast at the Pittsburgh Downtown Media Hub to discuss the constantly changing media landscape March 9.


A live discussion on the state of the Pittsburgh media landscape will take place at 7 p.m. Thursday, March 9, from the Pittsburgh Downtown Media Hub.

The discussion, which will air on Facebook Live and be recorded by YaJagoffs! for subsequent podcast use, will give local journalists including Gazette 2.0 Editor and Publisher Sonja Reis an opportunity to address numerous topics that are of vital interest to both content producers and consumers.

The event is being hosted by PublicSource and the Pittsburgh Media Partnership, a group of 23 area media outlets working together in conjunction with Point Park University’s Center for Media Innovation.

Among the topics slated for discussion:

  • Is fragmentation – the number of outlets currently producing local news content seemingly grows by the month – a positive or negative development? Given that growth, how can the audience find and navigate the news that matters to them?

  • What is social media’s role when it comes to steering readers to meaningful news and information?

  • Is it possible to foster a more collaborative environment among media outlets in a business that traditionally has been ultra-competitive? Would increased collaboration produce positive outcomes for news consumers?

  • How can local media outlets help combat misinformation/disinformation in local communities?

  • What role can relatively new forms of journalism – podcasts, newsletters, independent online news sites – play in providing a well-rounded menu of news and information choices for local consumers?

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