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Looking back at summertime memories from Robinson

The 1995 Robinson Little League team after a game.

By Janet Gonter

Those of us who grew up in Robinson Township have fond memories of summers gone by. The historical society asked some past and present residents to share memories of their favorites, and here are just a few of the responses.

Victoria Ciaramella Falleroni remembers: “The Fourth of July at the baseball fields at Burkett School on Route 60! My dad would get up extra early to claim the picnic tables near the Lion Shelter.

There was so much to do at the park, so many friends and neighbors around all day, and of course ballgames and the fireworks to enjoy! I loved growing up in Robinson Township! There used to be a sign that said, ‘Entering Robinson Township. Nice people live here.’ It says so much about the pride of the residents!”

Joseph Kulik recalls, “going—as in walking—with some of the other kids in the neighborhood and/or my cousins to Bob’s Market to get a big old freeze pop or a bamboo airplane or whatever else . . .”

Karen Postava Koszak fondly remembers “spending summers at the Little League field. It was a meeting place for my friends, some who walked there. I watched my brothers play ball and my dad did some coaching. Mom sometimes worked the concession stand. Spent time on the swings seeing how high we could go. Loved the big slides—one of them had a hump on the way down.

If we were lucky, we would sit on the scoreboard and put up the numbers. Many laughs and the best of times.”

Ed Navickas recalls “riding my bicycle on Steubenville Pike to Kossler’s Pharmacy for a 5-cent cherry phosphate, then going to the Jolly Clown ice cream store to play pinball.”

Betty Helm (nee Miller) mentions a variety of experiences, including “riding all through the hills and back roads in the township on my pony.

There were many opportunities for fun. Going to the Twin Hi-Way Drive-in for movies, roller skating, enjoying baked goods and ice cream at the local businesses. Growing up in the township was fantastic. Just so many great memories.”

Drew Podnar says he “used to enjoy participating in the summer recreation program both at Burkett Elementary School and at Forest Grove Church, before there was a Clever Park! We’d walk from Knightsbridge all the way to Burkett.”

Many other Robinson residents shared their fondest summer memories with the Historical Society.

Some involved local businesses: penny candy at McGuire’s Service Station, soft ice cream at Bishop’s, goodies at Karns Bakery, burgers at Greasy Gus’s, string gum at Walet’s Market, and frozen root beer at Robbie’s.

Many memories involved pure outdoor fun: hanging out at Robinson Pool surrounded by the smell of chlorine and suntan lotion, the Holy Trinity Festival every August, movies and Sunday flea markets at Twin Hi-Way Drive-In, tennis and baseball at Burkett Park, summer basketball leagues at Clever Park, Montour High School Band Camp, and basket weaving and pottery at the summer recreation program.

Oh, the summer memories!



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