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McKEES ROCKS | New trash service comes with promise to fine code violators

By Elizabeth Perry

Garbage service in McKees Rocks is changing and residents can expect new 96-gallon trash bin and an increase in fees.

Council President Archie Brinza said the new company providing trash service in the area would be Waste Management – they were the only company to respond to the bid.

Though he lamented the increase in fees, he said the switch could help improve the garbage and litter problem in the area.

“We don’t want to raise anything on our people, but we are committed to making our town cleaner and better,” Brinza said.

That commitment includes increased enforcement of code violations, according to officials.

Bags cannot be placed on the sidewalk outside of the can. Residents can expect a new, lidded trash bin and a new lidded trash bin and a new 68-gallon can for recycling. The quarterly fees will be $103.68 for the first year, then will rise to $110 for the second and settle at $118.10 for the third year of the contract.

Rental properties with more than four units are required to contract with their own garbage companies, said Jennifer Slavicek, assistant borough manager. Units four and under will receive a new trash bin for each entrance on the unit.

Those who wish to purchase an additional can from Waste Management may do so. There will be no additional charge to pick up multiple cans from a residence. Bulk items will be picked up monthly on a specified day.

The borough plans to send out informational material to residents and the changes are set to begin in May.

The promise of increased code enforcement means people placing bags out without cans will be fined, and people leaving cans on the sidewalk throughout the week will also be fined. Residents will also be required to put their garbage in bags inside the cans.

“We’re going after everybody,” Brinza said.


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