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McKEES ROCKS | Solar safety: Coming to a crosswalk near you

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

McKees Rocks Public Works laborers Mike Stepeck Jr., a union steward, and Tim Bazmore install solar crosswalk signs along Chartiers Avenue on March 3.

Thanks in part to the efforts of McKees Rocks Police Chief Rick Deliman and his wife Lynne Deliman, there will be 14 solar-powered crosswalks making McKees Rocks a little bit safer.

Lynne Deliman, who is a photographer for Gazette 2.0, said they first spotted the lights two years ago on a camping trip in Marienville, Pennsylvania.

“We were driving down the road and I noticed all these yellow lights. When we got up to the solar crosswalks, I said to Rick, wouldn’t this be great at the Roxian and Adrian Street?”

Ultimately, Lynne raised $3,453 in donations for the project by doing small raffles at the VFW Post 418 in McKees Rocks.

“We also got nice donations from a few people like Jimmy Lind [with MRIE],” Lynne Deliman said.

The borough allotted an additional $11,000 for the project.

“I would not expect them to be installed until spring, but with the mild weather we have been having, the timeline could change,” Chief Deliman said.

Chief Deliman said there would be two signs for each location, one for each direction of traffic. The signs will be placed along Chartiers Avenue at McDonald's Way, Union Way, May Avenue, Catherine Baker Knoll Way and the GetGo. They would also be placed along Island Avenue at Bradley and Adrian Streets. The lighted crosswalks were purchased through LED Solutions.


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