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McKEES ROCKS | ‘Supply chain issues’ blamed as trash troubles continue

By Elizabeth Perry

The transition to Waste Management for garbage pick up in McKees Rocks has been uneven, but the borough council said they are working to improve service.

At an Aug. 8 meeting resident Maribeth Taylor said Waste Management had failed to pick up trash or recycling on the designated days in July and for all of April.

The company had given the excuse of a broken truck, which Taylor said was not a good reason.

“I’m sorry their trucks breaking down is not an excuse to me. They’re a big corporation. They have more than one truck,” Taylor said.

Council President Archie Brinza said he was aware of the issue, and aware that the company had yet to provide new garbage cans as promised when they raised rates.

He said the borough was dealing directly with Waste Management, and said they’d become more responsive in recent months.

Brinza said there had been changes in personnel at Waste Management, and the cans had not arrived yet because of “supply chain issues.” Manager LeeAnn Wozniak said McKees Rocks wasn’t the only municipality that hadn’t received its new garbage cans.

“Beginning February, that’s when we should get our cans,” Brinza said.

Brinza said a postcard explaining the delays should be arriving for customers soon. At this time, residents can still put out unlimited garbage bags and bulk pick up is still available for residents that call ahead for pick up. When the cans arrive, there will be a weight limit on trash.

“They are changing, on the go and we are on it,” Brinza said.


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