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Nominate a retired vet who continues to serve their community

Nominations for the Dr. Charles J. Martoni Veterans Service Award are now open. The deadline to nominate veterans for consideration is Wednesday, Aug. 30.

The award was created in 2021 to recognize individuals who have concluded their military service but continue to serve the community in some way. Considerations for the award will include the nominee’s military service, outstanding leadership, and contributions to the veteran community as well as the community at large. The award was previously awarded to Air Force Veteran Nathan Mallory in 2022, and Dr. Charles Martoni, posthumously, in 2021.

Nominees should be Allegheny County residents. Required items for the nomination include the name of the veteran and his or her branch of service, the reason for which they are being nominated, contact information for the veteran (the person will not be contacted unless they are selected as the awardee), and the name and phone number of the person making the nomination.

Individuals wishing to submit a nomination have several options available to them, all of which are available on the Veterans Service Award page of the Veterans Services website. These include completion of a fillable PDF, use of an online form, or the completion and submission of a paper application. Paper versions of the application will also be distributed to various veterans’ organizations and organizations supporting veterans throughout the county. They may also be requested by calling the Veterans’ Services office at (412) 621-4357.

After the nomination period closes, submissions will be reviewed by a panel led by the Veterans’ Services office. A group of finalists will then be presented to the County Executive for review and selection.

The presentation of the annual Veterans Service Award will be made annually around Veterans Day.


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