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Plan in works for new car wash on Campbell's Run

Robinson Township commissioners approved an application for a new car wash ar 5171 Campbell’s Run Road near KLH Engineers and Vista Business Park at the regular June meeting.

Steel City Car Wash is planned for an existing lot and will be an enclosed, bay automated car wash with an ATM-like pay station and 31 queuing spaces. Vacuum stations will be available to customers at the site.

Rich Donato, one of the owners of Steel City Car Wash group, told officials at a May 1 hearing that he was a 30-year car wash veteran who operated 15 car washes across the Pittsburgh area, Butler County and West Virginia.

Donato said the potential Campbells Run site could accommodate 25 cars an hour.

“In the car wash world, if you can wash 10,000 cars a year, that’s good. That’s what everybody tries to achieve,” Donato said.

Rebecca Mizikar, landscape architect with firm PVE, said that according to her firm's consultants, the trip counts for the traffic generated by the site did not necessitate a traffic study. Donato said the layout of the site was ideal for a car wash, because cars would not be queuing in the street and could cycle through smoothly.



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