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Resident discouraged from taking matters into his own hands

Updated: Jan 5, 2021

By Chadwick Dolgos


A Stowe Township resident is threatening to take matters into his own hands if parking issues at Pleasant Ridge housing plan cannot be resolved.

“I am going to go out this week, buy a five-inch white wash brush, a gallon of yellow paint, closest to the school bus yellow I can find, and I am going to paint [yellow lines] in conformance with Pennsylvania’s regulations,” the resident told the board of commissioners during the Dec. 8 meeting.

The complainant requested his name be withheld from this story because of a fear of reprisal. His ultimatum stems from a high volume of traffic frequenting what neighborhood residents refer to as a “business.”

The cars that come and go often block driveways and fire hydrants in the Pleasant Ridge neighborhood.

“I do not want to stand here in this open forum and tell you what has been alleged by others that he’s selling there, however, let’s say it goes beyond candy,” he said. “There are individuals from all over the place showing up to patronize whatever they are doing in this business all hours of the day and night.”

The issue has been ongoing and conversations with the previous owner of Pleasant Ridge, the Housing Authority police, and the Stowe police have been held. Having been unsuccessful in this route, the complainant informed the board of his intentions to paint a yellow line along the curb.

“What I’m attempting to do is come and let you folks know what I’m going to do,” he told the board.

“I have had nothing but problems in that facility and I’m not alone.”

Commissioner’s President Robin Parilla announced he was going to take a closer look at the situation. “I don’t think it’s necessary for you to go the distance to paint that line,” he said.

Parilla also promised he would speak with Housing Authority’s Chief of Police Mike Vogel to see what actions can be taken.

“We’ll come up with a game plan where we’re going to get the one next to you out, because that’s unacceptable,” Parilla said.


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