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Resident shares ongoing issue with dump truck debris


By Jamie Wiggan

Uncovered trucks traveling along McCoy Road have Kennedy resident Angelo Ciaschi down in the dumps. He’s asked commissioners to find a solution to the recurring issue of rocks and other construction materials landing in his front yard.

“If somebody could help me in some way, I’d be glad,” Ciaschi told commissioners during the Sept. 9 regular business meeting.

Ciaschi said uncovered trucks carrying construction materials regularly fail to slow down sufficiently while navigating the sharp bend in McCoy Road between Rossi and Warbler drives, and resultantly he’s found his yard scattered with large rocks and other items on numerous occasions.

Ciaschi said he’s lived with this problem for many decades but is now getting too old to clean up the debris himself.

“They dump the stuff on my yard, and I have to clean it up,” he said. “[The trucks] need to be covered... if they are covered, I don’t think I have a problem”

Mel Weinstein, treasurer and interim manager, suggested the township deploy a police officer to Ciaschi’s property to track down and issue citations against any offending truck drivers. He noted the township is unable to enforce new speed limits or erect new signage because the road is owned and operated by Allegheny County.

“We’re going to try everything we possibly can do,” said Chris DiNardo, board president.

Pickleball courts?

Also during the meeting, Commissioner Gary Vituccio suggested the township consider replacing the tennis courts at Fairhaven Park with new pickleball courts, owing to the new sport’s growing popularity.

Vituccio said several residents had expressed interest in building pickleball courts in the township, and suggested potential grant money from an application recently submitted to Pennsylvania’s Greenways, Trails and Recreation Program could be considered to fund the work.

“I think pickleball would be far more successful...I don’t see the tennis court used enough.”

In other township news:

• After withdrawing to an executive session and again resuming, commissioners approved an amendment to the Deferred Retirement Option Plans for the police pension plan that will allow a request by an employee to join the plan be approved. DROP is a pension option used by certain employees who continue working past usual retirement age.

• Commissioners approved a subdivision plan affecting residential lots on Herbst Manor Road to better align an existing home with the surrounding property.

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