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ROBINSON | County works on widening of Campbells Run Road

The former retail space known as the Outlet Barn has been taken over by Allegheny County in preparation for widening Campbells Run Road.

A project to widen Campbells Run Road is expected to begin in 2025.

Allegheny County is currently in the process of acquiring the right of way to allow the project to proceed.

It involves multiple property owners, said Brent Wasko, public information officer for Allegheny County Public Works.

“The plans are still being worked out for this, beyond saying we’re working to widen the road, I really can’t comment further,” Wasco said.

Two houses in Robinson Township and a former retail space in Collier Township last known as The Outlet Barn were acquired through eminent domain. The properties, including the barn built circa 1881, no longer show as taxable properties on the Allegheny County website.

The border of Collier Township crosses the Parkway (I-376) and the creek known as Campbells Run near Glass Road in Robinson.

“It’s really early in the process, we’re at least two years from breaking ground,” Wasko said.


Editor’s note: This story was made possible through the curiosity of Citizen Journalist Justin Giles.

The Robinson resident reached out to Gazette 2.0 asking us to look into what was happening along Campbells Run Road near Glass Road. He had heard some locals speculating about a construction project at Bishop’s Corner Cafe and later noticed county public works employees mowing grass at some boarded-up properties and was curious about what was being planned.

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