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Team Gazette 2.0 say their goodbyes | FAREWELL

To provide the Gazette 2.0 team with a chance to say farewell, we created a Question and Answer format for writers, designers and photographers. Some, including longtime reporter and former editor, Jamie Wiggan chose to write a column of their own, as featured in this section.

Elizabeth Perry

Staff Writer, often editor and sometimes photographer

Elizabeth wrote features, editorials, covered local politics, crime trends, regularly covered

Sto-Rox and occasionally Montour or Carlynton schools. After introducing herself to Father Regis Ryan he recognized her name and said she was all over the paper, which was the “single most flattering thing” that happened during her tenure at Gazette 2.0. “I love how when she sinks her teeth into something she doesn’t let go until she has the information she needs,” says Sonja Reis, editor/publisher. “Oh, and I’ll never forget how her doggedness in reporting helped diehard fans to fill in the blanks of Author K.C. Constantine’s Wikipedia. Great story, too!”

1. How long have you been the staff writer for the Gazette?

I came on in May of 2022.

2. What's your educational and writing background?

I worked for a weekly, hyperlocal paper in St. Louis for several years called the Suburban Journal, and freelanced at papers in the Pittsburgh area before joining Gazette 2.0. I wrote for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, the Washington Almanac and I have an undergraduate degree in English and a master's degree in journalism from Point Park University.

3. What do you take from this experience?

I learned so much from this experience, and it’s really given me the confidence to ask more from myself. My favorite stories are the ones that struck a nerve and caused change. I’ve also loved stories that had meaning for local families–the type of stories that get saved in a scrapbook. I’m so proud to have contributed work that helped us earn an award for covering local journalism. We are a small operation, and I got to do a bit of everything–I expanded my skills as an editor and got to work with interns and freelancers, too.

4. What's your hope for the future?

My hope for the future is that hyperlocal journalism doesn’t go away. I think our democracy needs the press to be healthy and survive. I hope the best for everybody I’ve worked with here at the paper and I appreciate everybody who’s read our work.

Carol Mancini

Food columnist

Carol writes the “Carol of Moon” column which features charm, insight and delicious recipes every month. Her work continues on her blog,, which features her own

photographs and some instructional videos along with recipes.

1. How long have you freelanced for the Gazette?

Since 2018, then I took a break and came back again in 2021.

2. What's your educational and writing background?

I have a bachelor of science in Business Administration: Finance, minor in Economics – creative writing is a hobby. I have no formal training in writing other than general courses in college.

3. What do you take from this experience?

An understanding of the need for good news sources.

4. What's your hope for the future?

That the paper reopens, bigger and better.

Contact info: Carol Mancini, (412)716-5827,, and

Janet Gonter

History columnist

Janet has provided many pieces about the history of her hometown through her work with the Robinson Township Historical Society. Our Editor/Publisher’s favorite piece focused on Lake Stueben.

1. How long have you freelanced for the Gazette?

Since 2016.

2. What's your educational and writing background?

I am a retired English teacher with hundreds of articles and two children’s books published.

3. What do you take from this experience?

I enjoyed my associations with everyone at the Gazette. They were super to work with and very professional. It was an excellent newspaper and will be sorely missed by many.

4. What's your hope for the future?

I hope to find another publication for my articles on township history.

Contact info: Janet Gonter, Robinson Township Historical Society, 1000 Church Hill Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15205

Lynne Deliman


Community minded, Lynne is our resident photographer, the eye behind “Around Town” and

a great source of local knowledge.

1. How long have you worked at the Gazette?

More than 10 years.

2. What is your educational/photography background?


3. What do you take from your experience?

I met some awesome people while taking photos at many events in all the communities. From day one at the Suburban Gazette all I wanted to do was make someone smile seeing their photo in the paper. I know I activated those kinds of smiles many times over the years.

4. What is your hope for the future?

My hope for the future is we'll be back (Sonja still being the boss lady) bigger and better.

Thank you for all the great memories!

Lori Altmeyer

Freelance writer

Lori’s stories were mostly focused on the Montour and Robinson coverage areas. A reader

favorite during her tenure focused on Robinson EMS’s search and rescue dog Sirus.

1. How long have you worked at the Gazette?

Not sure, but I think 10 months to a year now.

2. What is your educational/photography background?

I graduated from Montour and attended CCAC and Robert Morris (prior to university status). As far as writing experience, prior to the Gazette, I've had professional writing experience such as transcribing depositions, writing showbooks for dance recitals, and most recently property descriptions for homes that I sell.

3. What do you take from your experience?

I am proud of the fact that my very first article for the Gazette made the front page! (haha) Seriously though, I'm most honored that Sonja took a chance on me and that I can now say that my articles have been published.

I've always been a nebshit, but most importantly this experience gave me the chance to make me realize my social responsibility. To meet and get to know more business owners in the communities they serve and the services they provide will be an ongoing mission for myself.

4. What is your hope for the future?

My hope for the future is for people to realize the opportunities around them. Public connection is powerful and I feel like we should not allow the complexity of challenges this industry faces to let us resign. It's sometimes gut-wrenching to face facts, but I do not want to see print journalism go away. Who does?

Contact Info: Realtor Lori Altmeyer, Berkshire Hathaway Home Services, (412) 403-2600

Ken Hohman

Sports contributor

Ken is a former Sto-Rox school director who contributed as a sports freelancer sharing his

amazing grasp of statistics.

1. How long have you freelanced for the Gazette?

If you include working for the Suburban Gazette as well as Gazette 2.0, I’ve been writing for the paper for 10 years.

2. What's your educational and writing background?

I graduated from Sto-Rox High School in 1979 and wrote for the Suburban Gazette while I was a student there. I also have previous experience writing for the Press, Post-Gazette, Tribune-Review and the Courier here in Pittsburgh. I started writing in college as well for the Allegheny View CCAC and Gateway Publications.

3. What do you take from this experience?

It was great to be able to let people who are not able to attend sporting events know how their local teams did. I also was able to do some great stories highlighting athletes of the past.

4. What's your hope for the future?

We have another newspaper come back to the area to let people know what is happening in their hometowns.

Bob Podurgiel

Freelance writer

A freelance writer with a love for historical pieces, Bob’s Gazette 2.0 stories were mainly concentrated in the Carnegie area. Bob wanted to eschew the Q&A format for his goodbye.

When I first heard about Gazette 2.0 bringing back local news coverage, I knew I wanted to help. After having written news and feature stories for the Post-Gazette West & South editions since 1992, the chance to cover local news again was a wonderful opportunity. Sonja asked me to cover my hometown of Carnegie, and I enjoyed reporting on the local council meetings and developing feature stories exploring this diverse community. I also had a chance to meet and work with talented journalists like Elizabeth Perry.

Although the Gazette 2.0 will no longer be publishing, I admire what Sonja and her staff were able to accomplish. She did a noble thing in bringing back local news coverage, and I appreciate all of the efforts made by the staff to keep local journalism alive. Perhaps, her experience will inspire others to create new start-ups devoted to local news coverage.

I still write feature stories for the Post-Gazette’s Goodness section as a freelance writer. The Goodness section focuses on positive stories about people who help each other or their community. I especially enjoy writing stories about America’s veterans and the artists who make our communities vibrant. I can be contacted at

All the Best,

Bob Podurgiel



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