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VOTER GUIDE '23 | Coraopolis candidate responds to Gazette 2.0 election questionnaire

Part 2 of 3

In early September, Gazette 2.0 sent out identical questionnaires to the more than 50 candidates running for election to various local offices in the upcoming November elections. Responses to these six questions will be published as they are received in the Sept. 28, Oct. 12 and Oct. 26 editions. The answers are as submitted by the candidate with slight editing for style and grammar.

In the Sept. 28 edition, responses from candidates Catherine Cocco, Cornell School Board; Gina Matergia Pravlochak, Robinson Commissioner; and Pamela Pulkownik, Crafton Borough Council were featured and are available to view online at

In this edition, we are featuring the response from Trevor Reed, a Republican running for council in Coraopolis.

Trevor Reed
Borough Council

1. What made you decide to run this year?

I decided to run for council this year because of my passion for history and the valuable insights it offers. I firmly believe that understanding our past helps shape a better future. My

foremost goal is to contribute to the progress of Coraopolis. I aim to bring a fresh perspective, along with new ideas and opinions, to the table. My pride in Coraopolis fuels my aspiration to earn the community's pride in me as we navigate this journey of growth and development together.

2. What would you like to accomplish during your tenure?

My primary objective during my tenure is to effectively manage Coraopolis's growth, aligning with the influx of new businesses and residents. This growth will undoubtedly present challenges that require timely and strategic solutions. I am committed to collaborating closely with the community, residents, and business owners alike to find a collective path forward that caters to the needs of everyone involved. Utilizing all available resources and prioritizing extensive community outreach, I aim to preserve the borough's commendable history of no tax increases while addressing the evolving demands of our dynamic town.

3. Can you talk about some recent votes you agree with and some with which you disagree?

Agree: Parking has long been a challenge in Coraopolis, and I strongly support the Borough Council's decision to initiate a parking study by accepting bids. This move is a crucial step forward, and I'm enthusiastic about the potential improvements in parking throughout the business district that this study may recommend. Enhanced parking solutions will not only alleviate the parking issues but also attract more businesses and visitors, ultimately fostering growth in our community.

Disagree: One recent vote that stands out to me is the decision to remove the gazebo from the 5th Avenue municipal parking lot, a significant landmark in Coraopolis. While I acknowledge that the gazebo had fallen into disrepair, it held sentimental value as a long-standing centerpiece for our town. In my opinion, instead of complete removal, options such as repair or replacement could have been considered to preserve this important element of our community's history and culture.

4. What do you hope never changes about your community?

I hope the incredible sense of community in Coraopolis remains unchanged. It's a town where everyone knows each other, and there's a genuine willingness to come together and support each other in times of need. This strong sense of community was a significant factor in my decision to move to Coraopolis, and it's the driving force behind my unwavering passion for the town's success.

5. What would you like to change?

I am eager to foster increased community engagement in the governance process. While Borough Council meetings are technically open to the public and allow for public participation, the turnout is typically low. I firmly believe in enhancing the accessibility of these meetings, ensuring that the community has ample opportunities to voice their opinions and actively engage in discussions. It's vital for citizens to not only express their thoughts but also listen to the perspectives of fellow community members. These meetings serve as a platform for citizens to witness their elected officials 'in action,' enabling them to hold leaders accountable to the high standards expected of them in their leadership roles.

6. What is your stance on climate change, and what would you like to do locally to address the issue?

I acknowledge that climate change is a pressing concern, and while I'm not an expert on the subject, I'm keen to educate myself and understand the perspectives and concerns of Coraopolis citizens and industry experts. This includes learning from other municipalities that have successfully implemented programs to mitigate their impact on climate change. It's crucial for us to work collaboratively, using informed insights, to determine the most effective and appropriate path forward for Coraopolis and our planet.


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