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Week 6: Area football teams honor 'Hometown Heroes'

Area football teams honored the military during Week 6 WPIAL games. On Oct.7, Montour's Marching Millions played the National Anthem while Robinson American Legion Post 862 posted colors during the Spartans' hilltop home game.

By Mike Longo Jr.

More often than not, our nation's men and women that have served, are currently serving or plan to serve this country in the U.S. Military don't receive the accolades that are befitting of them.

On this particular Friday night, Montour, Sto-Rox and a host of other football teams did something about that.

At Montour, the special game was billed as "HOMETOWN HEROES." At Sto-Rox, it was known as "Military Night."

These Oct.7 events truly were a fitting tribute to all of the brave and a thank you for their service.

Members of the American Legion Post 862 from Robinson Township presented this great nation's colors along with the flags of every branch of the service at the Montour game. The Spartan band proudly played the National Anthem.

Rest assured, the tribute didn't end there. All military members in attendance were asked to please rise and be recognized. The games 50/50 fundraiser customarily used for a Montour school organization, was donated to a local veterans group.

Every Spartan had their jerseys redone with Montour and their number etched in Camouflage colors. Each player was also paired with a "Hometown Hero" for the game. For example, when Spartan Michael Captline was involved in a play, after his name was announced so was that of his hero.

In this case, the name of Navy Veteran, Lt. Commander Dr. Anthony Captline was broadcast for all to hear.

During each and every timeout, the names of the brave men and women were announced in groups.

Similarly ran the Sto-Rox game where the Vikings wore special camouflage jerseys provided by the Pennsylvania Army National Guard.

All the parties involved in these events deserve to be recognized for the fitting tribute evenings to the outstanding men and women who protect us daily. They, in my opinion, aren't given their just reward for all they have done and do. Those who have paid the ultimate price, veterans, those serving and those who will someday, deserve and need our support. In true fashion, our football communities.

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