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What happened to basic decency in people?

Can’t we dislike someone without lobbying death threats at them?

By Editorial Board


Political tensions have been particularly high over the past few months. Understandably, people have been vocal about who and what they support; after all, it affects the future of our country.

But a certain hostility has taken over. One that’s never really been seen publicly before. On Oct. 2, President Donald Trump announced via tweet that he had tested positive for COVID-19. Social media blew up within hours, with Americans voicing vastly different opinions on the matter. There were those who provided well-wishes; however, many others provided a more radical outlook claiming the announcement was a hoax to benefit Trump’s reelection chances.

Other responses wishing for the president to die as a result of the virus were downright brutal. Threats and ill will toward the sitting president is not anything new. Negative comments have been dumped on him since the 2016 elections, just as his predecessors endured.

Political attacks in general aren’t anything new. Just look at the vandalism that took place outside of State Rep. Anita Kulik’s office back in August when someone chalked the outside of her office with words like “Marxist” and “Blue Lives Matter.”

Although these situations are very different in nature, the hostility demonstrated in both is wrong and inappropriate. And wishing for someone’s death from a virus that’s already killed hundreds of thousands of lives is cruel and lacks basic human decency.

Let’s be clear; it’s alright to dislike a certain politician.

We’re all entitled to our opinions. That’s not the problem. The problem is people use it as an excuse to be nasty and act out. Really, this whole year is an example of people acting out because they didn’t get their way.

It’s truly childish and makes you question where, if any, morals are still left. Can’t we dislike someone without lobbying death threats at them? Because, in case you were wondering, there is a difference.

Disliking ANYONE is rarely an excuse to wish serious harm. Humans are equipped with minds to allow us to think for ourselves and should know better.

So, please think the next time before you write that nasty tweet or social media message. The only one you’re harming with your anger is yourself.



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